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You Go First (Tips for Improving You and Your Relationships)

TBCA Blog Header Shannon Warden

If you’re hoping someone you care about will change, and if you want to be proactive in helping that change happen, you should act the way you want that other person to act. That is, you go first....

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decus et tutamen

TBCA Blog Jason July 21

About a year ago, I came across a British coin that I found to be fascinating...As I saw the image on this coin, I was instantly reminded of what the Apostle Paul said in Romans 8......

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Stepping Out in Faith!

TBCA Blog Header Mr Tim

We have our own opportunities each day to demonstrate our faith, to do what is right regardless of the circumstances and certainly without knowing the consequences....

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Treasure in the Trash

TBCA Blog Trash Can

There was treasure found in that trash that night. I was guilty of clinging to the past...

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Flattery, Mentorship, and Hearing the Voice of God

TBCA Blog Header PR May

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. But if there is anything higher than that and more important than flattery itself, I would say it is to move beyond imitation to finding out who you are and the power of being you. ...

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Faith and Technology: A Great Team!

TBCA Blog Dennis 21

We live in a digital age that is a playground for Millennials (ages 18 to 29). Most children and teens are more proficient than their parents with computers, tablets, and mobile phones. In a recent Barna study, Millennials certainly stand apart in their unsurpassed digital-savvy. They’re also in a class of their own when it comes to faith experience and practice. The Mil...

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Special forever.

TBC Blog Thompson

Even if you feel the whole world is against you and you lack even a single friend to turn to, you’re never really alone, unloved, and unspecial. You’re special because God made you....

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The Equipping Work in Your Post-Holiday Silence

TBC Blog Header Art Eaton 1_21

We often hear about the "Christmas blues," but there is also such a thing called the "post-holiday" blues too. It's caused by transitioning back into our regular, lackluster post-holiday schedules. Life now feels a little more undesirably silent....

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God Loves Us...Warts and All

TBCA Blog Header Wendy

It’s difficult for many of us to understand how much God loves us or accepts us as we are. Scripturally, we are told that God loves us. He loves everybody, doesn’t He? But how much does He love us on a personal level? Does He accept us… warts and all? That’s a much different thought to ponder....

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Name of the Game: Waiting and Trusting

TBC Featured Blog Jody Nov. 20

My inconvenient flight revealed a heart desiring situations and outcomes to look a certain way: my way. But more than a desired outcome, God desired me, my attention, my trust. Would I trust Him in all things? ...

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