TBC Church Email Communication Policy

IMPORTANT CHANGE to our Communication Email Policy: You've probably noticed that we've been making some changes to the look of our Communication Emails...the new formats should make it easier to get all of the information you need with less hassle!

IMPORTANT: Beginning August 1st, we will no longer have multiple "Send Lists." This means two things: First, you will receive fewer emails from us, but the information will be more direct and inclusive of our ministry as a whole; secondly, you will have to SIGN UP to be added to our new list. Only those who sign up will receive emails from us after August 1st. *Please note that you may "unsubscribe" at any time and we will never give your information to another list. 


...to be added to our Email List. You will receive Prayer Requests & Praises, Announcements, Schedule Changes, Sermon Previews, Interactive Sermon Notes, and the REACH Newsletter. 

Interactive Digital Sermon Notes for your smartphone or tablet: If you are on our email list, you will receive weekly "Sunday Sermon Preview & Interactive Sermon Notes." We want to point out that the REACH is now linked to those weekly emails, so check it out! Also, a cool new feature is that you can tap on the "Sunday Sermon Notes" button and then tap "copy to Adobe Acrobat" from your smartphone or tablet to create fill in the blanks notes to use on Sunday morning. Adobe Acrobat is a free app, you may need to download it to your device.

Adobe Acrobat Information/Download

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