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Full-Time Worship Leader/Pastor Search

Constant Contact Worship Team Update

Dear Triad Baptist Church,

Several church members have asked for an update concerning the full-time Worship Leader/Pastor search. In late January, 2020 a Search Team was assembled and assigned the task of hiring a full-time Worship Leader at TBC. The Chairman of the Search Team, Kyle Cox, as well as the other team members collected, processed, and interviewed several candidates.

In July, 2022 the Search Team unanimously approved one Worship Leader candidate to bring to the church for a vote. This candidate was also approved by our Praise Team members and the Church Staff. However, after this candidate accepted our initial offer, he then backed-out of the offer, deciding not to pursue the Worship Leader position.
In mid-July, 2022 this placed the Search Team in the unexpected task of going back to the drawing board—collecting and processing potential candidates. From this second search, two candidates are under serious consideration. The following necessary steps will be taken with both candidates: interviews with the Search Team, Church Staff, and Deacons; lead the current Praise Teams’ practice session as well the music during a TBC Contemporary Worship Service, and finally voted on by the church members. As you can see, there are many steps involved in this process and it takes time.

I would also like to say that I am so thankful for the current interim leaders who have been leading the Contemporary Worship Service on a rotation basis. They each bring their unique skill sets and personality to the service. I want to thank each of them and the other team members that assist them each Sunday.

By now, we had hoped to have the position filled. But we are waiting on God's timing, as we diligently do everything we can to find the right person for this critical ministry. We also appreciate your patience as we carefully work through this process in the most efficient way possible. After all, it is better to take the necessary unexpected and extended time to ensure the quality of this candidate, than to fill the position and regret it soon after.

We covet your prayers in this matter.
Pastor Rob, Lead Pastor

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