The function and mission of Triad Worship Band is to lead our congregation in formative worship experiences that are Christ-centered, Gospel-focused and rooted in God’s word. As a team it is our conviction that worship has a greater impact beyond providing a momentary experience on a Sunday morning, but rather sets a direction and focus for the rest of our week as we adhere to live in response to God’s grace, considering ourselves “living sacrifices” for His glory. (Romans 12:1-2)


Worship is primarily a Spirit-enabled response to God’s salvation culminated in the atoning work of Christ, and a response to his presence made manifest in our gathering by the Holy Spirit. Our corporate worship is a time of instilling the Gospel on our hearts, imbedding God’s word within us, and being shaped communally into the image of Christ in a spirit of reverence, humility, confession, adoration and thanksgiving. Thus in worship, we sing, proclaim, and focus on God’s truth, celebrating all God is, all he has done for us in Christ and all that is means for us, serving to edify the Church in the direction of loving Christ above all else. 


We are always looking to expand our ministry through involving more instrumentalists and vocalists in the band, as well as volunteers in the areas of audio, video and lighting. Every area within this ministry contributes to leading our congregation in pure, formative worship that by the power of the Holy Spirit leads us to walk in Christ to the glory of God the Father.  


For more information on how you can be a part of this ministry, send an email to:

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Join us Sunday at

9:00am Traditional Worship
10:30am Contemporary Worship