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This Spring our Sunday Night Adult Classes will feature six areas of study.  Our classes will be eight weeks in length and they will continue through May 21, 2023. Our core classes will be offered during three sessions per year.  Electives will be formed on the basis of creativity, interest, and speaker availability. Our core classes consist of personal growth in discipleship in order to prepare one for leadership positions at Triad Baptist and to develop the member into a mature Christian.

The following takes place from March 12 - May 21, 2023

class time is 5:30-6:30PM unless otherwise stated

CLASS                                               STATUS TEACHER/ FACILITATOR LOCATION
First Step Class Timothy Core Group Pastor Rob Decker G-210
Models for Disciples Paul Core Group Greg Fountaine G-202
Sunday Evening Bible Study Berean Core Group Allen Ferry G-216
The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Joshua Core Group Michael Bowers  E-307
Basic Life Saving Skills Class     (5 weeks) Berean Core Group Sarabeth Solodow G-203
Break Every Chain             (ladies only) Barnabas Core Group Dana Austin G-214


Click here to get more information about the virtual Financial Peace University class that begins on Monday, March 13.




Spring Class Descriptions (class time is 5:30-6:30 PM unless otherwise stated):

First Step – This class for new converts and prospective new members is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose. To sign up for this class please call the church office at (336) 996-7573.

Models for Disciples – Jesus parting instructions to His followers was to make disciples! During this class we’ll study key life principles (models) presented throughout the New Testament that believers are challenged to live by and teach others to follow. The models are essential for living a Christian life full of hope, peace, joy and purpose. The class is suitable for new believers looking to be discipled as well as those looking to disciple others. 

Sunday Evening Bible Study – This class will be studying various topics and/or passages from God’s Word. 

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth – In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Dr. John C. Maxwell reminds the reader that potential is one of the most powerful words in any language. A person's potential implies possibilities, it heralds hope, and it unveils greatness. Your potential is not about being driven by ambition or success; it is about recognizing who you are in Jesus Christ. In The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, Maxwell shares the core of what he has learned about developing yourself so that you have the best chance of becoming the person God created you to be. In this group study, we will explore: The Law of Intentionality: Growth Doesn't Just Happen; The Law of Awareness: You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself; The Law of Consistency: Motivation Gets You Going, Discipline Keeps You Growing. And you will discover so much more. The class will have a maximum of 10 people. Each person will be required to purchase the book and attend at least seven of the eight classes. This class will be very interactive and conversational.

Basic Life Saving Skills – Would you like to learn Basic Life Saving Skills that could potentially save the life of a loved one or friend? This class will provide you with the skills in Basic Life Support and Basic First Aid and upon completion of the course, you will receive a certification. Cost of certification is $40. Christians are called to be the hands of Christ, and what better way to demonstrate servant hands than through learning Basic Life Saving Skills to help others! This class is 5 weeks long

Break Every Chain (ladies only) – In this life we all face things that tend to cause us to feel like we are wrapped in chains. These things hold us back from fully walking with God and from finding victory and freedom in Him. In this ladies’ class we will discuss topics such as anxiety, fear, depression, anger, self-image, grief, bitterness, and gaining courage.Please come join us on Sunday nights as we seek to grow in our walk with God and through His strength, learn to Break Every Chain.


Core Classes:

The Timothy Core Group - The First Step - This new converts and new members class is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose.

The Paul Core Group - The Second Step - Basic Bible Doctrine - A believer is trained in the basics of Bible doctrine and Baptist distinctives and/or the principles of Biblical interpretation.

The Stephen Core Group - The Third Step - A believer identifies and develops his spiritual gifts. His passion is assimilated into a ministry.

The Andrew Core Group - The Fourth Step - Evangelism - A believer is framed in reproducing his faith to the outside lost world. This is accomplished by a teaching, modeling dynamic.

The Joshua Core Group - The Fifth Step: Leadership - A believer is trained in the characteristics of biblical leadership with the goal of stepping into a leadership position.

The Abraham Core Group - The Sixth Step: Prayer - A believer is instructed on the centrality of prayer.

The Barnabas Core Group - The Seventh Step: Stewardship – A believers’ financial accountability to God is discussed in the light of biblical guidelines for stewardship.

The Berean Core Group - The Infinity Step: Miscellaneous elective classes are offered over a period of time to further develop the individual interests of believers like theology, encouragement, ministry, etc.

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