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This winter our Sunday Night Adult Classes will feature five areas of study.  Our classes will be nine weeks in length and they will continue through March 1, 2020. Our core classes will be offered during three sessions per year.  Electives will be formed on the basis of creativity, interest, and speaker availability. Our core classes consist of personal growth in discipleship in order to prepare one for leadership positions at Triad Baptist and to develop the member into a mature Christian.

The following takes place on January 5 – March 1, 2020.

CLASS                                               STATUS TEACHER/ FACILITATOR LOCATION
Sunday Evening Worship Service Berean Core Group Jason Shuler G-216
First-Step Class  Timothy Core Group   Pastor Rob Decker G-210
World Religions and Cults Berean Core Group Kevin Carden G-203
American Sign Language 1 (4:30–5:30PM) Berean Core Group Tan Lynn, Michelle Hailey, Sabrina Smith G-202
American Sign Language 2 (5:30–6:30PM) Berean Core Group Tan Lynn, Michelle Hailey, Sabrina Smith  G-202



Winter Class Descriptions (class time is 5:30-6:30 PM unless otherwise stated):

  • Sunday Evening Worship Service – This service will include topical studies led by Jason Shuler.
  • First-Step Class – This class for new converts and prospective new members is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose. To sign up for this class please call the church office at (336) 996-7573.Financial Peace University (5:15-6:45 pm) 
  • World Religions and Cults**THIS CLASS IS FULL** This world is full of a variety of different belief systems, and undoubtedly you have someone in your own circle who believes in something other than the one true God. In this class will we be studying several different world religions and cults, including their origins, theology, and key differences with Christianity. Additionally, this class will focus on the best methods and strategies for sharing your faith with those of different religions. We will be using a variety of printed and video resources from teachers such as James White, Walter Martin, Ray Comfort, and more. Here are the religions and cults we are planning to dive into: Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Latter-Day Saints, New Age/Occult, and Eastern Religions. Whether you are someone who is just curious about other beliefs, or you have someone specifically in your circle you need to reach out to, then this class is for you! WATCH VIDEO PREVIEW HERE
  • American Sign Language 1 (4:30- 5:30 pm) - Everyone is invited to attend this class. No prior knowledge is necessary. It will focus on vocabulary, alphabet and fingerspelling, as well as comprehension. Whether you are a beginner or want to continue developing your knowledge and ASL skills, this class is for you.
  • American Sign Language 2 (5:30-6:30 pm) – This class is for those with established skills and broad vocabulary in ASL. The focus will be on progressing to advanced techniques that can be used in interpreting church services as well as other events, such as dramas, business meetings, medical meetings, etc. Songs from TBC’s Praise & Worship services will be incorporated.
  • (class time is 5:30-6:30 PM unless otherwise stated): 


Core classes:

The Timothy Core Group - The First Step - This new converts and new members class is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose.

The Paul Core Group - The Second Step - Basic Bible Doctrine - A believer is trained in the basics of Bible doctrine and Baptist distinctives and/or the principles of Biblical interpretation.

The Stephen Core Group - The Third Step - A believer identifies and develops his spiritual gifts. His passion is assimilated into a ministry.

The Andrew Core Group - The Fourth Step - Evangelism - A believer is framed in reproducing his faith to the outside lost world. This is accomplished by a teaching, modeling dynamic.

The Joshua Core Group - The Fifth Step: Leadership - A believer is trained in the characteristics of biblical leadership with the goal of stepping into a leadership position.

The Abraham Core Group - The Sixth Step: Prayer - A believer is instructed on the centrality of prayer.

The Barnabas Core Group - The Seventh Step: Stewardship – A believers’ financial accountability to God is discussed in the light of biblical guidelines for stewardship.

The Berean Core Group - The Infinity Step: Miscellaneous elective classes are offered over a period of time to further develop the individual interests of believers like theology, encouragement, ministry, etc.

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