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This spring our Sunday Night Adult Classes will feature six areas of study.  Our classes will be eight weeks in length and they will continue through May 22, 2022. Our core classes will be offered during three sessions per year.  Electives will be formed on the basis of creativity, interest, and speaker availability. Our core classes consist of personal growth in discipleship in order to prepare one for leadership positions at Triad Baptist and to develop the member into a mature Christian.

The following takes place from March 13 - May 22, 2022

class time is 5:30-6:30PM unless otherwise stated

CLASS                                               STATUS TEACHER/ FACILITATOR LOCATION
First Step Class Timothy Core Group Pastor Rob Decker G-210
Sunday Evening Worship Service Berean Core Group Jack Clagett G-216
Christ-Centered Parenting Berean Core Group Jason Shuler


Advanced Interpretive Training (A.I.T.) Berean Core Group Tan & Billie Dawn Lynn G-202
TBRI (Trust Based Relational Intervention) Caregiver Training PART 2 Berean Core Group Heather Still  G-203
Art for the Heart Berean Core Group Gail Peterson G-214



Spring Class Descriptions                       

  • First-Step – This class for new converts and prospective new members is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose. To sign up for this class please call the church office at (336) 996-7573.
  • Sunday Evening Worship Service – This service will include studies led by Jack Clagett.
  • Christ-Centered Parenting – Parenting can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! Many of us feel like we’re lost or just not equipped to parent in today’s culture.  In this study, Christ-Centered Parenting, we will discuss the unique challenges of our time and what the Bible has to say about how to parent our kids in challenging days.  If you’re raising a child preschool-age through college—this study is for you!  Each couple or individual will need to purchase the workbook: Christ-Centered Parenting - Bible Study Book: Gospel Conversations on Complex Cultural Issues, by Russell Moore.  It’s available on Amazon and Lifeway and ranges from $15-$22.
  • Advanced Interpretive Training (A.I.T.) – We will work on the processing and interpreting parts on the formal and frozen texts. This is for the intermediate and advanced sign language users.

  • TBRI - Caregiver Training – This course is a twenty-four-hour training designed to build on three main principles, Connecting, Empowering and Correcting. It will run for two SNAC sessions. Although the main focus is from a parental standpoint, these principles have the potential to heal all relationships. This will not be a Bible study, but all of these principles reflect the gospel in powerful ways, this is why they work. I couldn’t be more excited to share what we have come to learn as transforming truths in our lives personally.
  • Art for the Heart – In the beginning, God created. And He made man in His image. So it's safe to say that every person on the planet has a creative side. Exploring our creative potential helps us experience who God is and who we are individually at a whole new level. And that is why I am so passionate about Art for the Heart. Over the 8-week session, we will learn a few simple art techniques, but more importantly, we will: slow down, reflect on God's Word, and examine our hearts and thoughts. We will put all these together to create art each week that reminds us of our desperate need for our creative Heavenly Father and discover a new depth of the love relationship He so longs for us to experience with Him. Materials that participants will need to bring to each class are: mixed media sketch pad, mechanical pencils (any brand), a large eraser, Bible, box of colored pencils, or markers (art markers with a fine tip and wide tip or brush tip at each end is best).

Core Classes:

The Timothy Core Group - The First Step - This new converts and new members class is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose.

The Paul Core Group - The Second Step - Basic Bible Doctrine - A believer is trained in the basics of Bible doctrine and Baptist distinctives and/or the principles of Biblical interpretation.

The Stephen Core Group - The Third Step - A believer identifies and develops his spiritual gifts. His passion is assimilated into a ministry.

The Andrew Core Group - The Fourth Step - Evangelism - A believer is framed in reproducing his faith to the outside lost world. This is accomplished by a teaching, modeling dynamic.

The Joshua Core Group - The Fifth Step: Leadership - A believer is trained in the characteristics of biblical leadership with the goal of stepping into a leadership position.

The Abraham Core Group - The Sixth Step: Prayer - A believer is instructed on the centrality of prayer.

The Barnabas Core Group - The Seventh Step: Stewardship – A believers’ financial accountability to God is discussed in the light of biblical guidelines for stewardship.

The Berean Core Group - The Infinity Step: Miscellaneous elective classes are offered over a period of time to further develop the individual interests of believers like theology, encouragement, ministry, etc.


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