Engage with us and the Gospel at one of our Sunday School communities! TBC SS Communities offer a diverse array of classes. The Sunday School communities provide the opportunity to establish deeper relationships with one another while enhancing the spiritual growth of the members of the classes. The communities are loosely defined by age ranges, but all are welcome to experience various classes to find the one that best meets the needs of the individuals. Getting plugged into a Sunday School community has many benefits. Friendships develop within the class as you spend time on Sunday mornings together and during social activities. You will gain prayer partners that share in your struggles and successes. Sunday School communities also allow for outreach opportunities as life events occur within the class members. You will have opportunities to serve a family hurting from the death of a loved one or rejoice with a family over the birth of a child. Start experiencing the many benefits of our Sunday School communities today!

EngageColossians 1:10 // 9:15 am

Age range: 30+ Singles/Couples
Average attendance: 30-35
Teacher: David Grochowski
Room: G-216

The Colossians 1:10 class desires to “walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him: bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1:10

Ladies in Discovery // 9:15 am

Age range: 30+ Women
Average attendance: 20-30
Teacher: Teresa Armstrong
Room: G-214

The Ladies in Discovery class provides a conversational, relational forum to discover and discuss the truth found in God’s Word.

Living Epistles // 9:15 am

Age range: 40+ Singles/Couples                                                                              Average attendance: 30-40

Teacher: Darrell Fulp
Room: G-211

A “living epistle” is someone whose life is lived in such a way that it brings glory to God. The goal of this class is to exemplify Christ in every aspect of life.

MEN'S CLASS // 9:15 AM

Age range: 40+ Men                                                                                                 Average attendance: 5-10
Teacher: Steven Moore
Room: G-210

The Men’s Class is a class for men ages 40+ who desire a deeper walk with God and a closer bond with other men.

P.G.A. - Praising God Always // 9:15 AM

Age range: 50+ Singles/Couples                                                                              Average attendance: 10-15
Teacher: Phil Spence
Room: G-202

This class focuses on opportunities to praise God while studying His Word

Senior Adults // 9:15 AM

Age range: 55+ Adults                                                                                              Average attendance: 20-30
Teacher: Terry McKoin
Room: E-115/E-116

The Senior Adult class seeks to teach the Bible and encourage senior adults to engage in witnessing and ministering to others. We primarily use a lecture format but give opportunity for questions and discussion during class.

DEVOTED // 10:45 AM

Age range: 25+ Young Couples/Families 
Teacher: Joe Thompson & Jason Marshall 
Room: E-207

Doulos // 10:45 AM

Age range: 30+ Singles/Couples
Teacher: Jason Johnson
Room: E-106 (Choir Room)

Doxa Class // 10:45 AM

Age range: 30+ Singles/Couples
Teacher: Scott Adamson
Room: G-203

The Encouragers // 10:45 AM

Age range: 40+ Adults
Teacher: Dennis Roberts
Room: G-216

HomeBuilders // 10:45 AM 

Age range: 20's-30's (Young married/families)
Teacher: Jason Shuler
Room: E-115/E-116
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The Passion // 10:45 AM

Age Range: 25+ Adults
Average Attendance: 20-25
Teacher: Alan Comer
Room: G-206

Path Finders // 10:45 AM

Age range: Single Adults, mid 20's and up
Keith Smith, Jeremy Chandler
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S.A.L.T. - Serving And Learning Together // 10:45 AM

Age range: 25+ Young Couples/Families
Teacher: Kevin Carden (email: kevin@cardendesign.com)
Room: G-211

S.W.I.F.T. – Serving, Witnessing in Fellowship Together // 10:45 AM

Age range: 29+ Singles/Couples
Teacher: Kevin Peele
Room: G-214

Titus 2 // 10:45 AM

Age range: 30+ Women
Teacher: Kathy Chase
Room: G-210

Magnify - College & Career // 10:45 AM

Age range: 18-25
Teacher: Darrell Fulp
Room: E-208
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