Kids Street Check-In Procedures



To ensure the safety and security within our Kids Street Children’s Ministry, every child fifth grade and younger must be checked in by a parent or guardian.

For our guests, please come to the Kids Street Welcome Center and we will be glad to check in your child (and also provide you with other important information about our Kids Street Children’s Ministry). After your initial visit, you will have the option of filling out and submitting our guest information sheet. This will allow us to enter you into our system by the next Sunday, and then from then on, you will be able to check in your child “fast track” – using a self-­service touch-­screen station.

For those already in our TBC family or those who have submitted a guest information sheet, you can quickly check your children in at one of the multiple self-­service kiosks at various locations throughout the Children’s Ministry Building using the following process …

  1. Find a check-­in station. (Special Note: If you DO NOT have a cell phone that receives texts, you MUST check in at the Kids Street Welcome Center, as this is where our individual pager inventory is kept.)

  2. Enter the system by typing either your last name or the last four digits of your phone number. Select your family from the options given.

  3. For each child you will be checking in, select the sessions that the child will attend.

  4. On the next page, please add the cell number that we should text if we need to contact you on that particular day. If you do not have a cell phone that has the ability to receive texts, please notify the hostess or attendant on duty at this time (at the Kids Street Welcome Center). They will get you a digital pager and tell you what number to type in here.

  5. Select “Print Badges and Finish” at the bottom right of the screen. Multiple Checkpoint stickers will be printed - one for each child and a dual pick-up receipt for the parents.

  6. Place the correct large labels on each of your children (children three years old and younger – on their backs; children four years old and older – on the front), to be used as a sticker ID. Keep the dual parent receipt with you (this can be torn in half and allow parents to “divide and conquer” for pickup if you choose).

  7. Make sure your cell phone is on “vibrate”.

  8. When you go back to pick up each child, present your parent receipt at the door of your child’s classroom. Your child will be released to you after confirmation that the security codes match.

  9. If you have one of our digital pagers, please leave it with the worker at this time.

For safety and security purposes, only the person that drops off a child (or person designated by the parent) will be allowed to pick the child up. Any person designated by the drop-off person to pick up a child must (1) have the tag with a security code that matches the child’s tag AND (2) be at least 14 years of age.

Childcare is only provided for TBC worship services, classes, and events with the understanding that parent or guardians will remain on campus at all times.

Please pick up your child promptly. The Ministry Team members caring for your children need to pick up their own children and/or prepare their hearts for worship. Please be respectful of their time.



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