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Just over a year ago, I was sitting at the Prescott Restaurant with our Ladies Connect Team listening to the riveting stories of Dare for More’s Lisa Potter and Reba Bowman. They had just started to launch the newest mission field focus - Guatemala. I sat there in this lovely restaurant in our beautiful little US town, but my mind was immediately drawn to Guatemala. As my salmon went cold, I was so touched by the outreach this ministry was having! Their goals and vision were so exciting to hear! They were literally rescuing women and children from the most impossible situations, and telling them of their eternal Savior! I knew within 5 minutes I was going to Guatemala! The call was so clear! Did I know when and how? Nope! But God did!

At the table with me was Katherine Trotter. When our eyes met, I knew that moment she was called too! What were these two moms going to do? Some way, somehow, we were going to make it happen! To try to explain God’s calling is hard; it sometimes looks like the peace that passes understanding. Could this trip be dangerous? Anywhere can be dangerous these days, but to our concerned loved ones, it was very dangerous. However, I never felt fear! This is a huge sign it was God because fear is something I struggle with!

My mind filled with questions and most I had no answer for. Would a team have to be assembled and would there even be any interest? What would the church staff say to a “ladies-only missions trip”? My mind raced through possible hurdles and planning. The time a trip of this magnitude would require did I have it in me? Financially, this was not on my personal budget, but that never stopped me. I just added it to the list of prayers. After praying, I began to seek pastoral staff for approval. Things started lining up and details started to come together. I never waivered - I was going to Guatemala.

I encountered the first of many possible derailments to my calling. In August of last year, I received a diagnosis that I needed major surgery; threatening my attendance on this trip! Every appointment I would tell my team of doctors - I was going to Guatemala. Every doubt, every problem, and every trial; the answer was still the same - I am called to go! God’s calling did not go without its own set of trials along the way. Even in my recovery and physical setbacks, I knew God was going to make a way! As we prepared to depart by packing two suitcases full of supplies our church lovingly donated, I just kept thinking the Lord has a plan for every toothbrush donated, every sock donated, and every little token was going to bless someone and meet a real, tangible need. It might even be the first picture of Jesus - a gift they didn't pay for! I get the honor to be those hands and feet of delivery! For me and our team, we felt the call to GO to Guatemala.

Living a “sent life” looks different for every believer. It might be to the mountains of Guatemala or it might be to your next-door neighbor! I encourage you to be still long enough to hear when God calls you! Then GO!

Isaiah 6:8 “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “whom shall I send and whom will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am Lord send me.”

To our church and school, I want to say thank you for all the support, donations and prayers! We could not have done any of this without you!

Anchored in Him,
Jodie Anker 
Director of Women's Ministries TBC 


Good morning! I would like to know more about this ministry. I too am called to serve. My cell is (330) 550-3639, but I live in Kernersville. Thank you!
Great job God's work.Went to TBC a few times always makes u feel welcomed.Preacher Rob is wonderful explains the Bible so well.Shout out to Jill a lady with a great heart faith .

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