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Kids Street Sunday School Class

9:00 AM in Kids Street Worship Center

With Mr. Jeff and the Kids Street Team

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Kids Street Worship

10:30 AM in Kids Street Worship Center

With Mr. Tim and the Kids Street Team

What about Awana this fall?

We wish we could kick off Awana like we have now for the last 14 years, but as you know, things have changed in 2020 and we will proceed accordingly.

Due to the continued Covid restrictions, we plan to offer Awana virtually this fall.  Two of the three formats (game time in the Activity Center and small group time in the classrooms) are just not adaptable with the current social distancing restrictions.  With that in mind, we will be providing both preschool and elementary content weekly, and posting it on the Awana home page. CLICK HERE--Sparks and T&T (Grades K-5) parents can order and pay for their clubber books online, and be provided with instructions on how to learn and quote sections at home, with parents monitoring and submitting that work.  For ease and accountability, parents can then send videos of their clubbers saying their verses.  It is difficult to do this for the younger clubbers, so there is no handbook work planned … they will just have the online content portion.

Beginning on September 13, and for those parents who are attending socially-distanced classes at the church on Sunday nights, we will add a socially-distanced program for children Age 4 to Grade 5 in Kids Street. We are calling it “Night/Lite”, and it will be offered from 5:30-6:30 PM.  Why “Night/Lite”? 

  • Kids Street at NIGHT– socially-distanced activities similar to Sunday morning (music, lesson, limited activities), held in the Kids Street Worship Center.
  • Awana LITE– possibly allowing older clubbers to come early to say sections, if they have notified us ahead of time.  All other Awana content (i.e., pre-recorded lessons and music) will be posted on the Awana home page, to allow those who are not coming to participate. 

Our Purpose:

The vision of Triad Baptist Church Children’s Ministry is to partner with parents in guiding their children into a personal relationship with Christ and actively discipling them to carry out God’s mission for their lives, which ultimately results in others coming to Christ.

Our Ministry Philosophy: 

As a preface, the concept of “partnering with parents” is so vital in our approach to children’s ministry. Some believe that the influence of the church is first and foremost in the lives of the children in our ministry, but the honest truth is that we will never eclipse the importance of the influence of their families, namely, their parents. Working off of this truth, we will strive to enhance this partnership by fostering parent communication, parent involvement, and even parent education. Our goal is certainly not to compete with the family influence, so we instead aim to utilize parents as valuable members of our ministry to children. We hope to be a strong supplement, working alongside each family, in the spiritual growth and personal development of our children.

To really conceptualize the primary elements of our vision statement, one must recognize three basic elements of direction: Up, In, and Out.


As a child begins to develop, our first intention is to create a working knowledge of God, His creation, His love, and His plan for us. These foundational truths from scripture are taught as absolute facts as each child is taught to look “Up” and learn these truths.

Basically, before a child can reach the developmental stage of understanding and even exercising faith, he or she must have a working knowledge about the object of our faith, God.


As the child continues to learn and develop in all phases of life (physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.), he or she is challenged to make application of these Biblical truths into a personal walk with Christ. Our part in this process (beyond knowledge dissemination) is to guide each toward this personal relationship with Christ, while allowing the Holy Spirit to convict. We can plant the seed and water, but only God can give the increase!


After salvation, it is not only critical that children be given opportunity to further learn biblical truth and its application, but that they also be taught and have a chance to exercise their faith in God. We feel that each young Christian must be provided ample opportunity to exercise their heart of faith in service and ministry. In essence, after being must come doing, which is the road to God’s perfect will for us as His children.

We hope to see children use their belief in biblical truth, and faith in Christ as a mission in life to see others come to know Christ. Real life organisms reproduce, and so should real children of God! We pray that this foundation built on Christ and the gospel will be very visible in the lives of our children the rest of their lives.

If our children’s ministry is to ever be successful, it will have been because we see children mature and develop into Christians who become sources of light in a dark world. The success of any children's ministry will be seen over time in the lives of children as they mature and touch the lives of those around them with the gospel of Christ! 

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