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Stepping Out in Faith!

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Several years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the windy city of Chicago, Illinois to attend a conference. It was a great conference that only got better when we were given some free time one afternoon to see some of the sights of this unique city.  As part of my sightseeing, I had the opportunity to ride an elevator up to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to The SkyDeck, an area designed for tourists to “see the sights” of Chicago from this incredible height. Well, the view from this perch WAS incredible, but what really got my attention were several “glass rooms” built into one side of Willis Tower.  I immediately saw many people walking out onto these glass floors almost 1,400 feet above the streets of Chicago!  They seemed to be enjoying themselves, cameras in hand, most with smiles and enjoying themselves.  Well, why not, I thought?  And it seemed like a pretty simple task, until I got in line and started really thinking about what I was about to do.  I would be standing on glass (albeit several inches thick), and would be able to look straight down THROUGH the floor below.  Well, the closer I got to the front of the line, the more I realized that this task would be more difficult than I thought.  I could feel my blood pressure rising and sweat starting to bead on my forehead.

You see, in my mind, it all had seemed easy enough.  But when it came down to it, I had to ultimately have the faith to step out and trust that all would be fine.  When it came time to step out onto the glass floor, I must admit that I had one arm hugging the edge of the non-transparent wall.  Oh, well.

As I reflect on this memorable experience, I am reminded of the fact that many young people in scripture exhibited their faith in ways that we can also look to as examples.  From a young boy as he faced the giant, the three Hebrew boys standing up for what was right, a young man deciding to pray even though the law forbid it … each of these instances (and many more) remind us that sometimes stepping out in faith isn’t that easy. 

As a children’s pastor, I am glad scripture is familiar to many of us, even children.  We all know these Bible stories, from start to finish. But if we aren’t careful, there can be something that happens without us even realizing it.  As we start to hear one of these stories, we can finish the story in detail, in our mind.  I am often struck by the fact that simply because WE know how these particular scenarios played out (David defeated the giant, the Hebrew boys came through the fiery furnace unscathed, and Daniel made those hungry lions his friends), we miss the considerable faith on display. I am fairly sure none of them knew the outcome would be positive beforehand.  They simply stepped out in faith.

Knowing this fact is so striking to me, and makes scripture come alive and really sets some awesome examples of faith for us to follow.  You see, in reality, these Bible characters DIDN’T know how everything would end up, but they still stepped out in faith. 

What a great testimony and example to follow.  We have our own opportunities each day to demonstrate our faith, to do what is right regardless of the circumstances and certainly without knowing the consequences.  Now, let’s use these great passages of scriptures to encourage us to step out in faith each day!  We might very well be the examples others need to see and follow!

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If you’re interested, here is a great link to a cool, short video of The SkyDeck experience: The SkyDeck.

Image property of The SkyDeck, Chicago.

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This was a timely message for my circumstances right now. Thank you

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