A “loving the addict support group”

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A ministry from a Christian perspective on loving an addict.



The Loving the Addict Support Group meets on Friday nightst at 7PM!!

 Friday Nights at 7PM | Room G-214

Sharing Hope is a ministry to provide support for anyone that has felt pain, heartache or suffered loss from loving an addict.  Addiction comes in many forms.  Relying on Jesus Christ, we hope to gain clarity through God’s Word on how to manage the wide range of emotions that can sometimes seem like a roller coaster ride. Please join us on Friday nights at 7PM in room G-214. We look forward to sharing hope with you!


*This ministry is for anyone that has a loved one who suffers from the stronghold of addiction.  It does not have to be drugs or alcohol related.  There are multiple forms of addiction including gambling, pornography etc.  This is not for the addict but the one who loves that addict and regardless of pleas and outcry for change they feel lost in their suffering. 

We will meet in conjunction with reSTART Addiction Support Group! 

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Join us Sunday at

9:00am Traditional Worship
10:30am Contemporary Worship