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Hey, Kids!  Did you know that you are NOT too young to serve God?  That's right!  Just stop and think of how many children God used in the Bible ... David, Samuel, Miriam, the little boy who allowed Jesus to "grow" his little lunch, the servant girl who helped her master (Naaman) find the prophet and ultimately be healed of his leprosy, etc.

You know, God can use you, too!  For starters, YOU can serve in one of our Kids Street Worship Services and we want to tell you exactly how you can get signed up to do just that ...

It's simple.  Just CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE SURVEY.  Once you enter in all the information and hit “Submit”, you’re done!

Then you can watch for next month's Kidding Around to check for your assignment. Look for the SEAL Sheet, the loose insert found in the newsletter.

So let's do it!   What are you waiting for?

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Join us Sunday at

9:00am Traditional Worship
10:30am Contemporary Worship