Join us this Summer as we “pull up and park” in the Drive-In of honesty and grace! I will be doing a double-feature sermon series featuring the themes of detoxing our souls and getting rid of our unwanted baggage. Join me each Sunday for a new topic!  Our first series was entitled “Soul Detox.” Our current series is entitled "Baggage."
--Pastor Rob  #TBCsummerdrivein
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Baggage: We all have baggage. These bags come in different sizes and shapes ranging from guilt, shame, regret, worry, fear of anxiety and stress. You name it, we all have some kind of baggage. It leaves a weight of pressure on us. In order to effectively make your journey, you need to go without the baggage. Our Lord never intended us to be saddled down with these things. But the question becomes, how do we let go of the baggage and come to a place of rest and peace? Join us this summer as we discuss these thoughts!

Soul Detox: When people talk about detox diets, they talk about the dangers of toxins a lot. Toxins are potentially harmful substances we come into contact with every day. While anything can be toxic if we consume too much of it, the occasional handful of cookies won’t turn us into a biohazard. When it comes to the soul, sometimes we let the smallest things make the biggest impact on our lives.  Distractions become habits and our habits become our reality. Our focus and vision become distorted until the things we can’t live without define us.

What if we took a deeper look at some of the things happening inside each and every one of us that are potentially harming our soul? There may be hidden toxins that need to be cleansed. And maybe, just maybe a soul detox is exactly what we need. 

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