Thank You for Visiting Us! Our current sermon series is entitled: “Get it Together: A Grace Trip Through the Book of Titus”.
A lot of Christians I know say one thing, but they live a different way. Our belief and our behavior need to tell the same story. We need to “get it together”.  The truth is, you may be the only Christian someone knows.
The most dangerous spiritual position in all of the world is to intellectually agree with the gospel, but not have the genuine conversion of mind and heart. The evidence of Christ in your life should make all the difference.
This journey is not a guilt trip. It is a grace trip. And the grace of God produces a new kind of life.  It reveals God’s passion for a lost world by how we treat them.
So, get off of the guilt trip, get on the grace trip, and let’s “get it together”!
--Pastor Rob
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