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Triad Baptist makes the classes offered through The Leadership Institute (E4-12) available to people that are members of other Christian churches.  One does not have to be a member of Triad Baptist.  To enjoy this benefit, one simply needs to be a member in good standing with his or her local church.

We are excited to offer our Spring/Summer class of The Leadership Institute. This course can be taken for personal development or for master's credit: participants may decide the depth that they want to participate in the course. 

(After registering for the course, please contact Adam Wingate to ensure your registration was processed.)


Class: Intro to Hermeneutics (BIN500) 

Hermeneutics is the science and art of interpreting Scripture. It is a science because there are fixed objective rules to be applied to the text; and it is an art because it takes skill in learning how to use these rules. The goal of hermeneutics is to discern what the original writer meant when he wrote his document. In Introduction to Hermeneutics, the student will develop tools to aid in developing a more accurate understanding of God’s Word. Some of the topics covered in Introduction to Hermeneutics include:

  • The Unifying Theme of the Bible

  • Genres of Scripture

  • Context & Culture

  • The Role of the Holy Spirit

Throughout history, various methods have been employed to understand Scripture. Well-meaning Christians have often expressed frustration when it comes to interpreting the Bible. After all, if God has a specific message for his people within the Scripture, why are there so many possible interpretations for that message? In Introduction to Hermeneutics, the student will learn how to respond to that question, how to properly approach the Scripture and apply into their context, and gain a heart of wisdom and a mind of discernment in the process.

Couple's Discount

• Master's degree students may bring his/her spouse to class for enrichment credit at no additional charge.  
• Enrichment students that have paid the $39 course fee may bring his/her spouse to class for enrichment credit for free.  
• Spouses of attending students have the option of purchasing course materials if desired.

  • Register and order your workbook
  • Attend class
  • Learn for your own personal knowledge or enrichment
  • Increase your faith
  • Receive a certificate at the end of each course
  • Receive an official certificate of completion after attending all ten courses

We are accepting new students and serving current E4-12 students.
Tuition cost
Personal development: $39 per class
Master's level credit through Triad Baptist/Piedmont Partnership: $297 per class
Master's level credit directly through Piedmont: $975 per class
Registration ends: April 21, 2019
Apply on-line:
For any questions, contact Adam Wingate at

How It Works

The Leadership Institute is the groundbreaking new partnership that links the church and university together with an innovative system of delivering graduate level education directly in and through your local church. Piedmont International University can offer the very best of graduate level education with tuition at only $99 per credit hour

The Master of Arts in Ministry degree, a 30 credit hour program is made up of ten courses that each feature twelve, professionally filmed, 45-minute video classes. Each class will be streamed and played into a classroom at your church. Students who are seeking the master's degree

  • Must hold a recognized bachelor's degree
  • Apply to Piedmont for online classes
  • Gather each week at a time decided by the church to watch the video classes
  • Log on to Piedmont's Blackboard server for discussions, class assignments, and exams
  • Complete the 30 hour required courses
  • Receive a master's degree

By following the normal sequence, a student can earn an accredited Master of Arts in Ministry degree in as little as three and a half years for less than $3,000 of total tuition. Upon successful completion of the program, students can come to campus at Piedmont in Winston Salem and march at commencement to receive their diplomas.

What about those who don't have a bachelor's degree? An enrichment option is available for only $39 per course for those not seeking a master's degree and is perfect for Sunday school teachers, small group leaders and church leaders. 

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