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Church plant pastor search update


On Sept. 23, Triad Baptist Church’s Executive Leadership Team and Pastor Rob Decker will present Brad Forlow as their leading candidate for the church plant pastor overseeing the opening of Triad’s first church plant.

The new church would be within a 20-mile radius of Triad’s South Main Street campus in Kernersville, and be supported by Triad for its first three years. The church plant pastor will be charged with recruiting and nurturing the church plant’s pastor and volunteers.

Earlier this summer, the search committee led by Executive Administrator Dennis Roberts and church members Stefanie Allen, Don Beck, Scott Williams, and Phil Willis narrowed a pool of 31 applicants down to five finalists.

Then, earlier this month, the committee held either in person or FaceTime interviews with each of the five and used the position’s job description and the sessions to recommend a finalist for Decker, the church’s deacons, and Executive Leadership Team.

“We are now ready to bring one forward for consideration publicly by the church in September,” said Decker, who also will share his vision for Triad’s new church-planting outreach in his messages to the church on Aug. 26.

“We’ve been looking for a good fit theologically, philosophically, and personally,” he said.

Decker said a demographic study is underway to help guide the church’s effort to locate the church plant and also assess community needs and how Triad Baptist currently is reaching them or could be even more effective, he said.

“It has really become more and more clear to me that we have been connecting, serving, and reaching people for the cause of Jesus Christ since we were founded in the early 1980s, and doing that well,” Decker said. “We’ve been evangelizing and discipling but we’ve not reproduced ourselves as you see the Apostle Paul doing with churches in the Book of Acts.”

“He would teach, disciple, and train leaders to lead the church, and then he’d move on and do it all over again, and start another church,” Decker said. “We’ve done all the core things but now it’s time to multiply and reproduce ourselves. The new church plant pastor will be a key part of realizing and advancing that vision.”

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