NextGen: Vision 2023

Triad Baptist - Exterior 1 (2)

Triad Baptist Church will be expanding to better serve the residents of Kernersville and greater Triad with the addition of a 32,000 square-foot educational wing adjacent to the worship center. The addition will include three floors of classrooms and a multipurpose space next to the Worship Center. The expansion will also allow the nursery to be moved next door to the worship center, making it more convenient for parents.  

Pastor Rob explained the name of the project by saying, "We’re calling this our ‘NextGen Vision’ because this is an investment in the next generation of infants, crawlers, children, and students to become followers of Jesus Christ. These facilities are where we’ll equip even more people to make a difference in Kernersville and beyond.”



TBC Parking Map


  Due to the current new building construction we have lost a number of our parking spaces and the normal flow of traffic has been disrupted. With that in mind we are making the flow of traffic in front of the Worship Center one-way only, as designated by the red arrows on the picture. It is important that all traffic flows in this direction to avoid congestion and to keep pedestrians safe. 

  In the next few weeks the construction fence (on the right side of the picture) will be moved in closer to the parking lot designated by the green line. At that point the parking spaces designated by the yellow box will be taken out of service and used for the flow of one-way traffic.

  There will be signs placed around to assist you as you navigate through the parking lot. We know this is a bit of an inconvenience for now but we do ask for everyone’s cooperation as we make safety a priority for all and keep congestion to a minimum.

Phase 2 Shot of TBC B&W 17

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