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Ready to help 'bring it in?' Workday on new land is March 12

A-frame removal and other workday preparation

Triad Baptist members soon will put feet and hands to the faith they showed by supporting the church’s purchase of 92 acres off Whicker Road and Masten Drive.

Sign up now for a special Workday on Saturday, March 12, from 8 a.m. until on the land. You must be 13 and older to participate and children age 13 to 16 cannot participate unless they do so with an adult guardian. Lunch will be provided.

“We’ve got the practice field graded now and are excited about getting the property ready for use by the church,” said Steve Coley, chairman of Triad’s Property Team. “We would like to get the congregation excited as well and thought a church wide workday would be a great way to do that.”

While the church already has demolished an unstable A-frame house on the land and bush hogged heavy growth on the land in preparation, Coley says there’s plenty left to do for the workday. “With everyone’s effort,” he said, “we can make a big impact quickly.”

Among the projects planned for March 12:

  • Prepare the brick home for storage by removing debris, trash, and carpet
  • Collect old tires, electronic equipment and metal across the property for recycling
  • Gather concrete blocks across the property to build two fire pits (one by the lake and another further into the property)
  • Pick up trash, debris, and lumber
  • Clear brush around the brick home and lake
  • Trim weeds and remove small trees
  • Build a walking path across the dam from the entrance area over to the practice field

“This is a serious work so everyone needs to come prepared,” Coley said. “At a minimum, volunteers should wear heavy jeans, sturdy shoes or boots, work gloves, and other appropriate clothing as they may come into contact with unstable terrain, barbed wire, rusted metal, briars, broken glass, and other risks.”

Coley said volunteers can bring their own shovels, wheelbarrows, rakes, and weed or brush cutters if desired. Safety glasses and dust masks will be provided as well as a construction dumpster for debris.

Designated “group leader” will guide the work of teams completing workday projects.

Lead Pastor Rob Decker mentioned the service opportunity during a recent sermon from his Proverbs 30 mini-series, “The Little Four and No More,” noting that while God provides the resources for ants to thrive, they still must— and do — find and bring in that bounty for the greater good.

“What we have been blessed with is so much bigger than any one person,” Pastor Rob said. “We’ve got to all work together to bring it in for the glory of God so this land can be used to reach this community and beyond with the gospel.”

The workday follows the grading of three acres for a practice field and a special end-of-year praise offering where members gave $79,335 to begin development.

Among the church’s plan for those funds: completing a two-mile walking/running trail around the land, and making improvements so the ponds on the land can be used for recreation.

All were among uses the church’s Executive Leadership Team had identified as priorities for the special fundraising.

Eventually, the church plans to have a complex of athletic fields and other facilities on the land. Triad bought the 92 acres in December 2014 to expand the church’s campus and its ministry offerings.

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