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Constitution update vote coming Aug. 31

Members will consider a proposed update to the Triad Baptist Church Constitution Aug. 31 that replaces quarterly business meetings with an annual church family conference and formalizes the inclusion of electronic voting to help secure a quorum.

Occurring immediately after the 7 p.m. service, the meeting (which had originally been scheduled for July 27) will focus on the first proposed Constitution changes since May 2012.

They would:

  • Allow electronic ballots to be considered together with in-person votes to meet the Constitution’s quorum requirement of participation by at least 15 percent of the active and eligible voting members — currently 188 votes of 1,252 eligible voting members — before any action is considered official and binding. (A member must still be at least 16 years old to vote.)
  • Replace quarterly business meetings with an annual church conference while still providing quarterly reports in printout form and electronically through links in the Connections email newsletter.
  • Streamline wording such as simplifying the section on membership to require completion of the First Step class (which itself requires acceptance of Triad’s Constitution and Statement of Faith, baptism by immersion, and Godly testimony and evidence of spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit).

“The reason we want to make this change is that it has been difficult to get a quorum for business meetings, and because most of the information presented in the quarterly reports is historical in nature and can be effectively shared in other forms,” says Executive Administrator Dennis Roberts.

“Making these changes also allows for broader representation and allows more people to participate in church business.”

The church family conference will be held annually on the second Wednesday in November or at any other time deemed necessary by Lead Pastor Rob Decker, other members of the pastoral staff and the church’s Executive Leadership Team.

Other special conferences may be called during the year if deemed necessary by the church’s leadership.

Triad’s Constitution was originally created in November 1985 and first amended in November 2000. Among the provisions left unchanged is submitting any proposed Constitution change or action item to the church clerk at least two weeks in advance of any consideration, and the required 75 percent minimum vote of eligible voting members to call or dismiss a pastor.

Proposed Constitution Changes

Note: In the images below showing the suggested changes, the new wording is in highlighted in red and the removed text is marked through.

revised Article III membership
revised Article 6 election and duties of pastors
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