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A gift for the giver: Rumburg Practice Field

David and Pam Rumburg with Rumburg Practice Field plaque

David Rumburg didn’t see it coming when Pastor Rob Decker paused during the contemporary worship service to make an announcement.

A few minutes later, Rumburg was holding the result — a yellow John Deere tractor and nameplate on an award made in his honor by Triad Property Team Chairman Steve Coley.

Pastor Rob announced that the church had named the first land cleared on 92 acres bought in 2014 the “Rumburg Practice Field.” From December to late January, Rumburg created the field by grading nearly four acres.

And his Rumburg Grading business did the work all at no cost to the church. Rumburg and his wife, Pam, started the business in 2004 by purchasing the grading part of his dad Denny’s company. They joined Triad with their two children in 2006.

“I just wanted to try to do it under the radar,” Rumburg said as he held the plaque for the first time, obviously surprised. “You don’t often get a chance to do something for the church in my line of work.”

closeup of Rumburg Practice Field plaque

When Rumburg began grading the land, Pastor Rob went onto the field and began to pray over it as well as the entire property.

“Something in my spirit started coming to life and I felt a rejuvenation about the larger vision of Triad to reach out and connect people with the gospel thru this land opportunity,” Pastor Rob said. “I developed ‘The Little Four and No More’ sermon miniseries on the ant and three other small creatures God used to teach us how to serve Him as a result, meditating and praying over the thought that ‘I'm just an ant Lord, but help us all to bring it on in.’ We want the land to ultimately point lives to Christ, all for his glory.”

As 2015 wound to a close and Triad printed noted special end-of-year needs, Rumburg noticed the practice field project listed and had an idea: Donate the grading so the church could save and use that amount elsewhere in ministry in a multiplier effect.

“One of the papers had what they had budgeted for the project and I told Pam that I wanted to donate that work so I could help them out,” he said.

“I grew up playing sports and know the importance of athletics. That’s the main reason why I did it — so I could help the kids and others whose teams will use the field.”

While Rumburg still has to do some fine grading and other finishing work, Rumburg Practice Field is seeded and coming together nicely.

Asked what he enjoys most about Triad, Rumburg says the services, including Pastor Rob’s preaching, and the church’s Kids Street Children’s Ministry and other ministries for youth, and families.

“Those are important because our children are our future,” he said.

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