Would you like to become an Amateur Radio operator?

Amateur Radio plays a vital role in emergency communication, builds local relationships, and international good will, plus it provides an enjoyable training ground for tomorrow's telecommunications innovators. It is open to all ages, and it captivates the interest of millions of people worldwide. We will be offering a Technician level training/licensing class beginning Tuesday, February 7th at 6:30pm in the Media Center at Triad.  The remaining class dates are: Feb.  13th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, with FCC test on Feb 28th; meeting each night at 6:30 in the Media Center. Save the dates! For more information, contact Scott Swaim at (336)996-7690 or email at

April 8th, was a 'big' day for the TBARC-M team members at Triad Baptist Church. Early morning on that Saturday, starting at 7:30 AM, a work-crew of 10 licensed Amateur Radio operators showed up at Triad Baptist Church, to accomplish a big project for the TBARC Ministry. The scope of work involved assembling and erecting a 28 foot high antenna comprised of one section of tower, a mast pole, and topped off with a 5 element, 6 meter antenna at the top. Also at the top there is a 102' long wire antenna, better known as a G5RV Classic antenna (inverted 'V' type for 10 thru 80 meters operation), which spans from the top-center of the vertical antenna mast and heads uniformly downward on each side with each end sturdily tied off and anchored to a brick buttress of the building itself. This antenna, along with similar shaped sturdy 'guy' wires installed at right angles to the antenna wire, help stabilize the complete antenna array along with supporting mast pole and tower. These modern day 'guy' wires are exceptionally strong and are comprised of tough materials like Kevlar and other polyamides and fiberous materials, exhibiting super-strength qualities along with badly needed non-electrical characteristics.

The completed tower, a heavy supporting base mechanism, along with mast, cross arm element, and all antenna arrays had been fabricated and/or assembled off-site, at an earlier time. But transporting and getting the heavier components up flights of stairs and a loop/ladder, crossover door, was no small task. Thankfully, we had some younger, hefty guys to assist with that task.

The tower's cross-arm assembly also supports a combination of a 2 meter and a 220/440 Mhz antenna array on one end, and a wireless weather station on the opposite end. The wireless weather station is constantly providing basic weather information, i.e., wind speed, and wind direction, temperature, humidity, and barometer pressure readings, to name a few.

When fully operational, the transmitted weather information will appear at the TBARC-M radio console in a 1st floor room of Triad Baptist Church, and this information can be vital in a emergency weather situation. It is during such times that other emergency informational weather sources may not be available for various reasons. Many times, amateur radio stations can provide that critical weather information during such emergencies. And while that's not the main purpose of the TBARC- Ministry, it has the potential of fulfilling a critical need in support of the community that we, Triad Baptist Church members, live in and want to serve.

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