Fall/Winter SNAC 2018


This fall/winter our Sunday Night Adult Classes will feature six areas of study. Our classes will be twelve weeks in length and they will continue through November 4, 2018.

Our core classes will be offered over the span of continuous quarters. Electives will be formed on the basis of creativity, interest, and speaker availability. Our core classes consist of personal growth in discipleship in order to prepare one for leadership positions at Triad Baptist, and to develop the member into a mature Christian.

Core classes:

  • The Timothy Core Group - The First Step - This new converts and new members class is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose.
  • The Paul Core Group - The Second Step - Basic Bible Doctrine - A believer is trained in the basics of Bible doctrine and Baptist distinctives and/or the principles of Biblical interpretation.
  • The Stephen Core Group - The Third Step - A believer identifies and develops his spiritual gifts. His passion is assimilated into a ministry.
  • The Andrew Core Group - The Fourth Step - Evangelism - A believer is framed in reproducing his faith to the outside lost world. This is accomplished by a teaching, modeling dynamic.
  • The Joshua Core Group - The Fifth Step: Leadership - A believer is trained in the characteristics of biblical leadership with the goal of stepping into a leadership position.
  • The Abraham Core Group - The Sixth Step: Prayer - A believer is instructed on the centrality of prayer.
  • The Barnabas Core Group - The Seventh Step: Stewardship – A believers’ financial accountability to God is discussed in the light of biblical guidelines for stewardship.
  • The Berean Core Group - The Infinity Step: Miscellaneous elective classes are offered over a period of time to further develop the individual interests of believers like theology, encouragement, ministry, etc.










Sunday Evening Worship Service

Berean Core Group

Jason Shuler

Worship Center

First-Step Class *ends October 14

Timothy Core Group

Pastor Rob Decker


The Leadership Institute (5:15–6:45PM)          *begins September 9th

Paul Core Group

Adam Wingate


Financial Peace University (5:15–6:45PM) *fee

Barnabas Core Group

Steve & Dina Coley/Jimmy & Kathy Collins/ Daniel & Chasity Brown


The Best Parenting Class Ever  *begins September 9th

Berean Core Group

Shannon Warden


Continuing Sign Language

Berean Core Group

Michelle Hailey & Sabrina Smith



Fall/Winter Class Descriptions (class time is 5:30-6:30PM unless otherwise stated):                                                                     

  • Sunday Evening Worship Service – This service includes a blended style of music led by Braden McKinley and Jason Shuler will be preaching.
  • First-Step Class – This class for new converts and prospective new members is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose. To sign up for this class please call the church office at (336) 996-7573. 
  • The Leadership Institute (5:15–6:45pm) – New Testament Studies, presented by Dr. Jerry Hullinger, is a survey of the background and message of the New Testament books. This course provides the student with the critical information needed to identify major figures, events, and literature which form the basis of our faith. Along with a survey of the New Testament books, material in this course shows Jesus fulfilling roles as Christ, teacher, prophet, redeemer, and high priest. New Testament Studies will equip the student with the ability to understand and explain these tenets of faith as well as defend false ideologies regarding the New Testament. This course starts the week of September 9th and finishes the week of December 9th. For more information, go to http://www.tbcnow.org/e4-12 or contact Adam Wingate at adam.wingate@tbcnow.org. This class will be offered from Piedmont International University (PIU) and can be taken for credit toward a Master’s Degree ($99 per credit hour) or for enrichment ($39 for the course). Couple's discount-with one paying student (master's or enrichment), the spouse can attend at no additional cost for enrichment.
  • Financial Peace University (5:15-6:45pm) – We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU) is that plan! Through video teaching and small group discussions, FPU uses biblical principles and a practical process to help you get control of your finances. You will learn how to create a budget, eliminate debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more! The registration fee covers the FPU membership and all course materials, workbook, and access to NEW and ADDITIONAL online tools. In just nine lessons, you'll learn to take control of your money, invest for the future, and help others like never before. To register, please go to the following website: http://www.fpu.com/1066253. Some scholarships are available if you want to take the class but need help with the registration fee. Please contact Steve Coley at scoley@triad.rr.com or 336-880-6525 with any questions. Registration fee change: Due to some enhanced features and added online content, the FPU registration fee has increased to $109. However, we still have a limited number of $93 memberships that will be made available on a first come first served basis. Make checks payable to: Triad Baptist Church.
  • The Best Parenting Class Ever – Parents, you need support! This is it! Join us for this practical and fun 6-week class that starts on September 9. We'll use the book, Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Became Parents, at no charge to you, because Shannon Warden co-wrote that book and is teaching this class. Parents of all-aged children are invited. We'll talk through fresh strategies for dealing with the hard stuff of parenting and celebrate all that's encouraging and good about being a parent. Come for your own benefit and bring friends who could use a boost.  Shannon Warden is the Director of the Life Support Counseling Ministry at TBC.
  • Continuing Sign Language – This class is for anyone with a basic knowledge of general signs & finger-spelling, who would like to broaden their knowledge and ability in sign language. We will learn conversational sign as well as worship through signed songs. Please purchase a copy of the book: Talking with Your Hands Listening with Your Eyes,


How do I sign up?
Please email terri.crosby@tbcnow.org or call the church office at 336.996.7573 x.100 to sign up for the First Step or Beginning Sign Language class. The Sunday Evening Worship Service is open to all and does not require signing up.

For information about The Leadership Institute, click here.


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