Sportsmen's Day at TBC

Calling all hunters and outdoor enthusiasts! On September 29th, Triad will be hosting our first ever "Sportsmen's Day" starting at 9:00 am and going to about 3:00 pm. This will be a very exciting day filled with 9 workshops led by industry professionals on a wide array of topics. This will be a family friendly event, so you can bring the family too! Tickets are $10 a piece (for those under 16, tickets are $5) and include 2 workshops, refreshments, a buffet and the opportunity to win some cool prizes! For more information, contact Allen Ferry at

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9:00 Doors Open

9:00- 10:30 Registrations & Refreshments, Visit Vendors

10:45 Welcome & Announcements — Kid’s Street Auditorium

11:00 FIRST WORKSHOP Options plus Buffet in Activity Center

12:15 SECOND WORKSHOP Options plus Buffet in Activity Center

1:30 Guest Speaker: Steve Sorenson

2:30 Door Prizes & grand prizes after speaker



RM G202 Coyote Hunting & Thermo Scopes Nifong & Morgan 1st  Register
RM G202 Coyote Hunting & Thermo Scopes Nifong & Morgan 2nd Register
RM G203 Deer...Dead...Dinner Dumont 1st Register
RM G203 Women & Shooting Sports Jones 2nd Register
RM G210 Self Defense Basics Tuffe 1st Register
RM G210 Self Defense Basics Tuffe 2nd Register
RM G211 Understanding Optics Sorenson 1st Register
RM G214 Reloading Techniques C Jones 1st Register
RM G214 Reloading Techniques C Jones 2nd Register
RM G216 Knife Knowledge Williams 1st Register
RM G216 Knife Knowledge Williams 2nd Register
YOUTH Concealed Carry D Jones 1st Register
YOUTH Concealed Carry D Jones 2nd Register



Event(s): Reloading Secrets

Speaker(s): Bill Jones

Description: Reloading is fun, enhances accuracy, and saves money. Learn how to tune ammo to your rifle/handgun/shotgun for best results by both traditional and new ideas.


Event(s): Coyote Hunting & Thermo Scopes

Speaker(s): Sam Nifong & Will Morgan

Description: Hunting tips for using your rifle topped with thermoscopes.


Event(s): Women & Shooting

Speaker(s): Cherie Jones

Description: Women are learning to enjoy the outdoor sports. Learn what options and ideas may start your next sport.


Event(s): Deer—Dead—Dinner

Speaker(s): Jim Dumont

Description: Jim is a hunter and a trained culinary professional. He is the food services director for Triad Baptist Academy and Church. Learn how to properly field dress and prepare the venison for the dinner table.


Events(s): Knife Knowledge

Speaker(s): Chris Williams

Description: Wilmont Knives are all made and hand built by Chris Williams. Chris recently retired with over 20 years served in the U.S.Army. Chris has a long history of crafting things with his hands that inevitably led him to make knives. Chris has served combat tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, & Bosnia.


Event(s): Concealed Carry

Speaker(s): Dick Jones

Description: Owner & Instructor, Lewis Creek Shooting School Author, Concealed Carry Handguns (Gun Digest)


Event(s): Understanding Optics

Speaker(s): Steve Sorenson

Details: Steve is an award-winning writer and pro staff for Alpen Optics and Havelon Knives.


Event(s): Personal Self Defense

Speaker(s): Josh Tuffe

Description: Learn non-lethal methods to protect yourself from physical harm and understand basic defense moves.




BILL JONES will show and tell how he reloads both shotgun and centerfire cartridges for successful competition and pleasure!



WILL MORGAN & SAM NIFONG have many years of experience using thermo scopes while hunting coyotes. They will discuss the secrets of hunting and their recommendations for beginners and advanced hunters.



JIM DUMONT is a professional culinary chef and the Food Services Manager for Triad Baptist Academy. He is an avid and successful deer hunter. Jim will explain the best quality control measures from the kill to the kitchen!



CHERI JONES began shooting in 2006 and has hunted deer, hogs, pheasant. ducks, geese, quail, and chukar from New York State to Georgia to Arizona. She's won three Northeast Side by Side Women's shooting championships, competed in the National Action Pistol Championships, and has been a certified NRA Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Instructor. She enjoys all kinds of shooting and hunting as well as processing and eating the game she takes.



JOSH TUFFE is one of the owners of Edge Fitness and Combat Arts focuses on the combat arts side of the gym. Josh is an accomplished amateur and professional fighter accumulating as a combined record of 74-3. He is a former IKF Kickboxing Amateur World Champion, USBO, and NABA Professional Boxing Champion and 5 Time Undefeated Tough Man Champion.



STEVE SORENSON is an award-winning outdoor writer. He’s written feature articles for many magazines including Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, and is a contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting, North American Whitetail, and more. His articles have also appeared in many other magazines and he is the web content editor for Havalon Knives.



CHRIS WILLIAMS has been making knives for over 15 years. Chris retired from the U.S. Army after 20 years in the SOF community. He is a full-time knife-maker and tool manufacturer known as Wilmont Grinders÷. He makes knives in the stock removal method and forges his knives as well.


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Join us Sunday at

8:00am Acoustic Worship
9:15am Contemporary Worship
10:45am Traditional Worship