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Rescued from a Sinking Ship

When two direct hits nearly blew the USS Franklin apart in World War II, John Furrow told God he’d serve Him for the rest of his life if He’d rescue him from the flames.

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Rescued from Drug Abuse

Phillip Eisenman's hands spell out a message celebrating his newfound purpose in life and the Savior, mother, and ministry that lifted him out of despair.

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Rescued from Diabetes

Before God rescued her with a life-changing call and transplant, Melody Chandler had been a diabetic for 23 years.

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Rescued from an Accident

Despite losing an eye in a freak accident on a golf course, Triad Baptist Christian Academy student Tristan Loflin knows God's plan for his life is far bigger than what he may have lost that day.

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Rescued from an Empty Life

Thankful for a wreck that left him a paraplegic? Yes, says Steve Woodall, who believes his life’s greatest test is his strongest testimony of the power of Jesus Christ.

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