End of Year Giving Opportunities, 2017


A well-known investor told me recently, “The simple investing lesson you need to learn is that money flows to where it’s treated best. Every night I would deposit money overnight in a different currency... Sounds strange, I realize. But as the vice president of a global mutual fund, one of my jobs was to execute our fund’s trades.  Once our U.S. trading day was done, we wanted our money to work for us overnight as well. We might put our money into French francs, German marks, or somewhere else – just for the night.  We would find the safest country that was paying the highest interest rate. And we would put our money there overnight. No kidding.”  He also told me that hundreds of large companies like Honda and Volkswagen do it too.  Money is always looking for the same thing... “Where am I going to get treated best? Where is the safest, highest-yielding place to spend the day or night?” It always has. It always will.  

I believe the same exact thing about our year-end Give1More challenge.  Where else could your money possibly be treated best than in something eternal? Eternal investments that will go infinitely beyond what any currency or stock can return? As you prayerfully consider additional year-end contributions, let me challenge you to consider the Give1More challenge. This challenge calls us to step out by faith to give one percent more of our income through the end of 2017 to gospel advancing needs. The gifts given will be above our regular general fund needs for 20

The Give1More challenge of 2017 includes the following needs:

Highlighted Mission Need Goals:
• Wes Smith has set up the “Ramon Santana Relief” fund to help Hurricane Irma victims in the Dominican Republic. 
• New Baptist church plant in Orissa, India and new training program needs in Andrah Pradesh, India with Bible Open Air Mission. 
• Mark and Jeanette Clark in Alaska have raised $60,000 toward an $80,000 need for an airplane hangar to house his plane in the winter so that he can continue to ministry year round.
• Adam and Faith Drake in Africa have an immediate need to repair their radio tower, which was knocked over in a violent storm.
• Koffi Wodome needs to finish the health shelter in Togo, West Africa that provides medical needs to the community.

Non-Budgeted Campus Projects:
• Permanent audio solution for the activity center which will improve our Upward sports and Awana ministries.
• Initial planning fees for our phase 3 dedicated sanctuary (based on current giving we will be out of debt in 5 years).
• Vinyl wood planks to replace carpeted hallways remaining throughout our facilities.
• Picnic Shelter and Disc Golf course on our new greenway and trail.
• Dimmer switches in the worship center to allow for controlled lighting.

May God bless you this Christmas season as you give generously because of His unspeakable gift.  Let’s change a life, a family, a city--the  world!
~Pastor Rob



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