TBC's Traditional & Contemporary Style of Music

TRIAD BAPTIST uses both a traditional and contemporary music style in our two worship services. One worship service is predominantly a traditional style of music with an appreciation for the contemporary style. The other worship service is predominantly contemporary style of music with an appreciation for the traditional style.

Allow us to clarify our understanding of Contemporary Christian music. It is sometimes criticized as being “experiential,” “shallow,” or “exhortational” in contrast with “objective” and “God-centered.” However, the Psalms show a full range of purposes for singing in worship including praise, thanksgiving, petition, confession of sin, testimony, exhortation, consecration, self-commitment, etc. The music in our church should be allowed to serve all of these Biblical purposes.

Other criteria, sometimes used against contemporary music, are its relative shortness and repetitiveness. But, in this case also the Psalms show a full range of lengths and poetic devices, including repetition. Long hymns with complex theological expression are not always the most effective in ministry. Music must be chosen on the basis of its function and effectiveness. Contemporary music the past years is generally shorter and simpler than traditional hymns. However, we believe both contemporary music, as well as our traditional music, can both serve our ministry purpose effectively.

Certainly there is much Contemporary Christian music which is inaccurate or overly vague in doctrine, or which is of very poor musical quality, that it should not be used at all. But there is also much contemporary music which can be used in the ministry of the church so long as it meets certain criteria such as: 1) Is it Scripturally accurate and of good music quality? 2) Does it serve a Scriptural purpose of ministry? 3) Does it fit the variety of cultures of the listeners?


As our ministry has grown in size, it has become necessary to provide clarity and parameters to our particular contemporary style of music at Triad. Musicians have categorized our range that we have used in our contemporary service as the genre of Soft Contemporary Christian. This genre has been an accurate designation of the style we have represented at Triad Baptist for many years. This designation is not meant to denigrate or make a judgmental call on other person(s) or ministries that would use other genres or styles but it is an accurate designation we use to clarify the types of music we want to represent on-site at our campus, and ministries.

At the risk of being redundant, it is necessary to give a broad overview of what current types of music would be good examples and how the person(s) who lead our ministries here could view it. Soft Contemporary Christian would include, but not restricted to, music by Casting Crowns, Third Day, Big Daddy Weave, Chris Tomlin and Mercy Me. Although a small minority of their song styles might stem out of that soft style range, the majority of their songs represent this style.

A different example other than the Soft Contemporary Christian style would include, but not restricted to, Hard Contemporary Christian music. Some examples include Skillet, Red, Family Force Five, and Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK). These Hard Contemporary Christian style(s) are not represented on site.

Another style example outside the range of our genre would be Christian Rap music. This style includes groups like Lecrae, TobyMac, Manafest, and DJ Maj. This style would also fall outside of the range of on-site events. Note: A minority of these artist’s song(s), both in the Hard Contemporary Christian and Rap Christian music, fall within the Soft Contemporary Christian style and can be considered for a playlist if they meet the Soft Contemporary Christian criteria style.

When leaders or person(s) at Triad organize off-site ministries/events, the style or genre sometimes falls outside the range of our expanded explanation of Soft Contemporary Christian (e.g. WinterJam, Sunday school class meeting in a home or at a class picnic). In these instances we ask you use your personal discretion.

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