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Wheels from above: How Marge got her Mustang

Marjorie Morrison with her 2004 Ford Mustang

Tooling around town in her 2004 Ford Mustang, Marjorie Morrison is hard to miss.

The car is a bright canary yellow, and probably not one you’d expect to be driven by an 86-year-old woman.

But if cars could talk, Marge’s ride would have quite a story — one that goes back to July 13, 2015, and the car crash that left her previous wheels, a Ford Escort wagon, a total loss.

The texting driver had missed the stop sign on Bodenhamer Street and smashed into her as she drove down Mountain Street to the Kernersville Family YMCA for her morning exercise.

“Three witnesses said they saw my old Escort wagon become airborne, turn around at least one or two times in the air and land in front of the second entrance to the Petro 66 gas station and convenience store facing the opposite direction,” Marge says. “It was like taking a ride in a tilt-a-whirl or roller coaster at Disneyworld, but in your car. His car landed farther down on Mountain Street and was seriously damaged.”

Tests at Kernersville Medical Center revealed a rib and chest contusion but no broken bones or serious injuries.

“We have only one explanation for the lack of broken bones, a head concussion, or death,” Marge says. “God had spared my life.”

Before the ambulance arrived, she tried to talk to the driver who hit her, saying, “ ‘I forgive you. You didn’t mean to do what you did. Jesus is my Savior and He spared my life and wants me to share His love and forgiveness with you.’

“Immediately he said he was sorry, but wasn’t interested in talking,” she adds. “From that moment on I did not have any negative thoughts toward him or about the occasion. Instead, God gave me a burden to witness to him if I got the opportunity.”

But Marge never got that chance. She was unable to track down the driver later, who had no driver’s license or insurance.

With her car a total loss, Marge’s search for a replacement began in earnest. Family and friends shared car ads, leads on cars they’d heard about, and several took her wherever she needed to go for two weeks.

“I had an inner peace that can’t be explained even though it was like walking in the dark,” Marge says of this time. “He was not only holding my hand but the hearts of two dear friends.”

Marge had befriended them during her work calling visitors to Triad — learning they were from the same city and state and had even attended the same college she graduated from, Bob Jones University.

When they stopped by her house to check on her after the wreck, they brought unexpected news: She would soon become “Mustang Marge.”

“They told me they were giving me a 2004 Ford Mustang, and once again our great God was being true to His name — Jehovah-Jireh (The Lord will provide),” Marge says.

Each time she gets behind the wheel, she says she experiences a double thank-you: to Jesus for meeting her need and to the Triad members who allowed Him to use them to bless her.

Since then, the sight of Mustang Marge in her hotrod wheels has become the talk of many of her Triad Baptist friends who have suggested their own nicknames and signs for the car. She says it shows God’s sense of humor and wisdom.

“The likelihood of other drivers not seeing this bright yellow car driving down the street and running into it is small,” she points out, adding that it’s hard to lose in a crowded parking lot.

“I just look for a bright yellow car,” Marge says. “There aren’t too many around, but this old lady is still around — thanks to God’s great grace and marvelous mercy.”

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