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Triad Baptist gets a special gift from a Scout


Noticed the new benches and planters on the Triad Baptist Church campus?

They’re the work of Bailey Williams, a Boy Scout with Troop 779 and member of the church’s Radiate high school ministry.

The son of members Aaron and Mitzi Williams, Bailey decided to build them as part of his work toward earning Scouting’s highest rank — Eagle Scout.

A carwash last fall at the church raised the $1,800 needed to buy the treated wood for the community service project which completes Bailey’s last requirement to attain his Eagle.

In addition to their service projects, Eagle scouts must earn 21 merit badges, write an essay, and appear before an Eagle Board to verify their accomplishments and character.

Bailey is expected to earn the honor later this spring once the board has met to review his essay, and meet with him personally.

Eagle Scout candidate Bailey Williams

“On behalf of Triad Baptist Church, I’m delighted with this new addition to our campus, and the way it reflects not only Bailey’s personal values but those of the Radiate high school student ministry and church of which he and his family are a part, and those of his Troop,” said Pastor Rob Decker.

“We’ll enjoy it for years to come.”

A sophomore at the N.C. Leadership Academy with dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer, Bailey first thought about building something for his school before deciding to make Triad the beneficiary. Decker had Bailey work with Jeremy Chandler, Triad’s creative communications director, on the project. Bailey eventually settled on the planters and benches.

Chandler arranged receipt of Bailey’s gift, prepared the commemorative plaques for each location, and coordinated with Facilities Director Wayne Welch on the planting and prep work for each container.

“Everything I do is for God, and when we had the car wash at church, I was able to use that opportunity to share my faith by telling people what I was doing and why,” Bailey said.

“Jesus Christ helps me through everything. Whenever I have a tough time, or when times are good, I know He is always there for me. There are uncertain things in life but you have to pray and know He will bring you through, and know He’s there for you all the way.”

A scout with Troop 779 since the first grade, Bailey had helped with many Eagle Scout projects of his friends over the years. Now it was his turn to get their help. After his grandfather delivered the wood to his house, Bailey’s two uncles and Darrell Fulp joined he and his dad to build the benches on weekends. His fellow scouts also pitched in and helped finish the planters in a workday at the Troop 779 headquarters in Sedge Garden.

“We all help each other like a buddy system,” Bailey said. “I’ve learned a lot on my way to the Eagle Scout rank. One of my merit badges was about blacksmithing, which I had never done before. I also learned about the U.S. economy for another badge, and, throughout all my work, about how important teamwork is in achieving life goals.

“It’s been a great experience, and I hope members and visitors alike will enjoy what I made.”


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