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Ten years of fishin’ and family fun


Brooklyn DiCalogero caught the biggest fish of the day, and won her age group division (Third to Sixth Grade), as Kids Street Children’s Ministry held its 10th anniversary Family Fishing Day.

The event began in 2009.

The top finishers in the Up to 2 age group:

  • Benjamin Dumont, first, 3.94 pounds
  • Carvin Nichols, second, 9 ounces
  • Marissa Chandler, third, 7.5 ounces

The top finishers in the Third to Sixth grade group:

  • Brooklyn DiCalogero, first, 3.41 pounds
  • Enoch Ferry, second, 2.78 pounds
  • Dylan Bays, third, 2.31 pounds

The top finishers in the Seventh Grade and up group:

  • Jim Dumont, 4.4 pounds
  • Atlas Brooks, 1.53 pounds
  • Aidan Brooks, 1.47 pounds

“I like doing Family Fishing Day for the kids,” said Family Fishing Day coordinator Ron Cecile, who organizes the event each year with his wife, Sandy, and Jason and Jamie Marshall.

“To see how excited the kids are and see families spend quality time together makes every minute you worked on this day well worth it!”

Cecile said the day reminds him of when he taught his son to fish nearly 20 years ago, and their many father/son fishing times together.

“It takes time and patience to teach a kid how to fish but once they understand and aren’t scared, they’ll never forget it,” he said.

Added Jason Marshall, who became involved with the event in 2015, “I help at Family Fishing Day because of the impact I see in the lives of those who participate. The way the kids’ faces light up when they catch a fish is priceless.

“I’ve also seen visiting families at TBC attend Family Fishing Day and then later as members attending regularly and at every Family Fishing Day since. So, it’s also a great outreach.”


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