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Ruthie Trantham made another trip to the kitchen and whisked more breakfast casserole back to one of the senior adult customers she served March 23 at Triad Baptist Church.

Another 15 children did the same at their tables as 16 fourth- and fifth-graders at Kids Street Children’s Ministry honored the church’s senior adults by first serving them breakfast in the Youth Room, and then joining them for some board-game fun.

“It made me feel awesome,” Trantham said of her first Junior/Senior Breakfast experience after arriving earlier to deliver a casserole her mom made.

“I enjoyed helping other people and getting to know some of them,” she said. “They told me thank you and how good we did, and that they were glad we took our time to do it for them.”

Trantham said she also learned to deal with a wide range of people and personalities from a morning serving her senior “customers.”

Brooklyn DiCalogero, 9, said she was glad to help, noting that some of the seniors might not get to experience such a morning without the Junior/Senior breakfast. “I was glad to be doing something like this for them.”

Ava Moodie, 9, and Bryce Townsley, 11, agreed. Ava got to serve both sets of grandparents and join them for games. And Bryce enjoyed serving seniors and “doing this with my friends,” adding, “It’s fun!”

Tim Gerber, executive pastor for children and outreach, said the breakfast ministry was designed with a dual purpose in mind for its debut in 2000.

“I wanted to do something to honor our seniors and give our juniors a chance to serve,” he said. “That hasn’t changed over the years. It’s enjoyed by both groups and the adult leaders.”

Evelyn West and Anne Davis are Junior/Senior Breakfast old-timers who figure they’ve been to nearly every Junior/Senior Breakfast. They enjoyed the food and playing Kerplunk, Uno, Apples to Apples, and other games.

“I’ve probably been coming to each one since it started,” West said. “I enjoy everything — the food, and the people, and experience. The kids do a great job.”

Added Davis, “I love it. I think it’s wonderful, and I get to see the kids again. I don’t get to see them as often as I used to. I like to eat everything they have. Everything is delicious, and it’s a shame I can only have one of each.”

Bob and Kelly Hall were among the 2019 Junior/Senior Breakfast volunteers. Bob worked with the boys, whose jobs involved welcoming seniors and escorting them to registration, while Kelly worked with the girls, whose tasks included taking seniors to their tables after registration.

It brought back sweet memories for both who remembered when their boys were in Gerber’s ministry and the family participated in Junior/Senior Breakfast. This time around, the Halls served with another couple from the Connect Group they attend.

“What a great opportunity to interact with both youth and seniors,” Bob said. “We remember helping at this event when our children were this age! It reminded us of the positive impact we can provide for all ages.”

“The children’s smiles expressed how much they enjoyed spending time with and serving the seniors who, in turn, enjoyed their presence,” Kelly added. “The game time was a highlight of interactions between generations. The Lord’s presence was shining through everyone all morning long.”


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