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Lullaby of service: Nursery duo love their babies


Diane Hancock and Terri Crosby have served in Triad’s nursery so long that some of the babies they once rocked to sleep are now in college.

For some 22 years for Hancock and just two shy of that for Crosby — an 18-year veteran of the church’s administrative staff — the two have watched over Triad’s littlest ones every Sunday morning in the baby nursery.

Caring for as few as four and as many as nine babies each week, the two have smiled, cuddled, and sung to generations of children — and changed more than 6,240 diapers.

“I’ve done it ever since Earl and I joined in 1995,” Hancock said of her nursey service. “I was keeping children when we first joined and Tim Gerber (executive pastor for children and ministries) came to my daughter, who had married his wife’s brother, and asked her to talk to me about coming into the nursery because he knew I was good with children.

“I’ve served here ever since,” Hancock said. “We have such good babies. I love rocking them, and talking to them. We tend to them and take care of them for their parents.”

The way Crosby sees it, the love they give the babies is also a statement of their, and the church’s, love for their parents too.

“I think this is kind of like my ministry so the moms can go to Sunday School or the church service during the time we have them,” she said of her nursery duty during Triad’s contemporary service. “Plus, I love the babies and always have. They are so precious!”

Gerber said it’s volunteers like Hancock and Crosby — always ready to serve — that allow Kids Street Children’s Ministry to care for about 15 in both nursery sessions each Sunday during both traditional and contemporary worship services.

“Conservatively speaking, Diane and Terri have rocked hundreds and hundreds of babies,” Gerber said. “Both of these ladies have been very faithful for many years. They have a true love for our children, and their faithfulness speaks for itself!”

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