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Coming March 16: Kay and David Arthur


When the last of her children left home and she became an empty nester, Bettina Decker felt like her life had ended.

Encouraged by a friend, her saddened heart found joy and hope through words — the text of her Bible — and a new kind of Bible study she’d never tried before.

Popularized by best-selling Bible teacher and author Kay Arthur and the Precept Ministries International studies in nearly 185 countries, “inductive Bible study” is an in-depth examination of the text using special symbols.

The markings visually highlight such keywords as personal pronouns, contrasts, terms of conclusion, lists, comparisons and expressions of time, the author’s name, places, and audience. The result? Revealing God’s truths so they be applied to our lives.

“I had to have something to focus on during this time,” Decker said. “I still struggle to be honest, but it’s so true: Psalm 119:165 says ‘Great peace have they which love thy law’ and the law is God’s word, and it has brought peace to my heart.”

kayanddavidarthurArthur, co-founder of Precept with her late husband, Jack, and son, David (pastor-turned Precept CEO and President) will share the faith and intimacy that discovering God through His word bring on Saturday, March 16, at Triad Baptist.

They’ll lead the conference, “God is enough: A Personal walk in holiness with God,” which runs from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Triad’s Worship Center with lunch included. Doors open at 7:45 a.m.

Registration is $25 for students, $35 for general admission, and $55 for couples. Order tickets at

Lead Pastor Rob Decker, who selected the conference theme, said he first encountered Arthur and her ministry as a student at Grace Theological Seminary in 1987 through one of her radio programs.

He began using her methods to study the book of First Peter, and found himself growing even closer to God through the biblical truths he learned.

“Over the years, God has really blessed Kay’s ministry, and we’re excited about having Kay and David here to help others grow in their own faith through God’s word and learn from what He has done in their lives.”

Of inductive Bible study, Decker said, “You take the revealed text and work backward to the intended meaning. In other words, you read the written text and try to understand the writer’s argument and intent in writing it so that you can apply it into your life.

“Kay specifically emphasizes grammar and style as the way to do that,” he added. “You highlight the paragraph’s main structure, and then you break down the sentences to see the recurring emphasis and theme of the paragraphs.

“It is a disciplined person who reaps the benefits from this type of study and we have several who do at Triad. At some point, we may do a training session for those who enjoy this type of deeper study.”

Bridgiette Allen at Triad is leading the 40-volunteer team supporting the “God is enough” event which is for people of all ages.

“The theme is ‘God is Enough: A personal walk in holiness with God,’ since this is where the Christian life starts: Our walk with God,” Allen said. “Learning to walk with Him, we realize that He is enough to meet all our needs in life.”

Added Bettina Decker, “I hope and pray that the very idea that ‘God is Enough’ would cause attendees to want and thirst for what Kay and David convey. I hope we see and hear that it’s God’s word — not the method of study — that brings peace and change and that the people attending this conference will be motivated by what they hear to dig into the Bible themselves and discover truth and comfort.

“In my own life,” she said, “I have found Hebrews 4:12 so very true — ‘for the Word of God is living, piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit’ — and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of my heart.”

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