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Worship with us this Easter! Our 8:00am Acoustic, 9:15am Contemporary Worship, and 10:45am Traditional Worship services will center around the celebration of our risen savior! 

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After the crucifixion and burial of our Lord Jesus Christ, the disciples were scared to death and hiding behind barred doors in the upper room on that first Sunday morning. They all failed to recognize who Jesus was and that He must be crucified. How did they miss the most oft repeated topic of Jesus during His ministry? How could you be with Him for three and a half years, day and night, and not comprehend the gravity of what He came to do?

Quite possibly, the answer to that question would explain why we also struggle with what Jesus does in our lives today. Maybe the disciples were preoccupied with their own thoughts about how their life should have gone. I cannot help but think that part of the thoughts and questions they agonized over in the upper room were, "What am I now going to do with the second half of my life?" These difficult times are the turning point moments in our lives. Come celebrate this Easter morning as we consider our turning point moments and how Christ's resurrection addresses our deepest questions. --Pastor Rob

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