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This spring-summer our Sunday Night Adult Classes will feature seven areas of study. Our classes will be twelve weeks in length and they will continue through July 30, 2017. Our core classes will be offered over the span of continuous quarters. Electives will be formed on the basis of creativity, interest, and speaker availability. Our core classes consist of personal growth in discipleship in order to prepare one for leadership positions at Triad Baptist, and to develop the member into a mature Christian.

The following begin on March 26...

Practical Promises from Proverbs Berean Core Group Allen Ferry G-202
First-Step Class Timothy Core Group Pastor Rob Decker G-210
Second-Step: MasterLife Discipleship Class Paul Core Group Rick Reynolds E-307
Overview of Understanding End Times Prophecy Berean Core Group Dick Lockhart G-211
Knee Warriors: Lord Heal       My Hurts (ladies only) Abraham Core Group Miriam Stanley & Michelle Collins G-214
Basic Sign Language Berean Core Group Michelle Hailey & Sabrina Smith E-309
In Spirit and In Truth: Letting the Gospel Lead    Our Worship Berean Core Group Braden McKinley G-203
Ministering through Sports Berean Core Group Kevin Peele G-216



Spring/Summer Class Descriptions:

Practical Promises from Proverbs – class members will study select Proverbs for personal enrichment and application.

First-Step Class – This class for new converts and prospective new members is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose. To sign up for this class, please call the church office at 336.996.7573.

Second-Step: MasterLife Discipleship Class – MasterLife is designed to help you develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ by learning and applying the six biblical disciplines of a disciple. 1- Spend Time with the Master, 2- Live in the Word, 3- Pray in Faith, 4- Fellowship with Believers, 5-Witness to the world, 6-Minister to others. Cost: $5 for book, which can be purchased in class.

Overview of Understanding End Times Prophecy – God intends for you to understand His Word--including end-times prophecies. The more you learn, the more you will come to love and trust the Scriptures and the God who inspired them.

Knee Warriors (ladies only) – Ladies, hurting is part of living in the fallen world, but as Believers we have hope. Come join us on Sunday evenings as we study, Lord Heal My Hurts, by Kay Arthur. You will learn no matter what you have done or how deep the hurt is, God loves you and He can turn your hurt into Joy.

Basic Sign Language – Have you ever wondered if you could successfully learn sign language? Ever wnated to learn to sign songs? Ever met a deaf person & wished you could speak with them in their language? Have you ever learned sign language in the past & desire to review & sharpen your skills? We invite you to join us for this 12-week session. The goal for our class is to learn conversational sign, as well as to learn to demonstrate the beauty of sign through songs. The only requirement for this class is a copy of the book: Talking with Your Hands, Listening with Your Eyes, by Gabriel Grayson. Used copies can be found on Amazon &

In Spirit and In Truth: Letting the Gospel Lead our Worship – Jesus said, "The true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth.: Worship is often thougth to be merely the "music time" in service, but from Jesus' statement it's clear that worship is much more than that. Worship embodies our entire life in Christ as it proclaims and lives out the Gospel. This new class will explore the theological and biblical undercurrents of worship in order to help us grow as worshippers in every aspect of our lives.

Ministering through Sports – If you want to have a lasting impact on a kid's life through sports, then this class is for you. Triad offers basketball, cheering, color guard, football, and soccer via the Upward platform. This class covers Triad's history and vision for Upward Sports and your will to help shape the future of ministry through sports. It's more than coaching, officiating, and concessions. It's about reaching kids for Christ with something as simple as ball.

Core classes:

The Timothy Core Group - The First Step - This new converts and new members class is designed to overview the heart of Christianity and Triad Baptist’s purpose.

The Paul Core Group - The Second Step - Basic Bible Doctrine - A believer is trained in the basics of Bible doctrine and Baptist distinctives and/or the principles of Biblical interpretation.

The Stephen Core Group - The Third Step - A believer identifies and develops his spiritual gifts. His passion is assimilated into a ministry.

The Andrew Core Group - The Fourth Step - Evangelism - A believer is framed in reproducing his faith to the outside lost world. This is accomplished by a teaching, modeling dynamic.

The Joshua Core Group - The Fifth Step: Leadership - A believer is trained in the characterisitics of biblical leadership with the goal of stepping into a leadership position.

The Abraham Core Group - The Sixth Step: Prayer - A believer is instructed on the centrality of prayer.

The Barnabas Core Group - The Seventh Step: Stewardship – A believers’ financial accountability to God is discussed in the light of biblical guidelines for stewardship.

The Berean Core Group - The Infinity Step: Miscellaneous elective classes are offered over a period of time to further develop the individual interests of believers like theology, encouragement, ministry, etc.

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