The Life Support Counseling Ministry of Triad Baptist Church provides Bible-based counseling and support to both members and non-members of the church. The ministry is staffed by volunteers, or “lay counselors.” These volunteers are Triad Baptist Church members who have either a graduate degree in counseling or extensive, church-approved lay counselor training. As lay counselors, these volunteers are not employed by Triad and do not identify themselves as “professional counselors” or as “licensed professional counselors.” They, instead, offer Bible-based counseling and support on a time-limited, nonpaid, volunteer basis.

The Life Support Counseling Ministry is a church ministry and not staffed full-time, therefore we are not in a position to provide “emergency” counseling services. As such, we direct all people, or “clients,” with emergency or life-threatening needs to dial 911 or go to the nearest hospital for emergency services. Furthermore, if faced with a counseling need outside the scope of our services, our lay counselors refer people to professional counselors or other professional helpers in the community as appropriate, based on the intensity or unique nature of individual clients’ needs. As Senior Pastor of Triad Baptist Church, Dr. Rob Decker is the head of the Life Support Counseling Ministry. Dr. Shannon Warden directs the ministry under the supervision of Pastor Decker.

Steps to requesting counseling through the Life Support Counseling Ministry:

• If you are 18 years old or older, please complete the Life Support Counseling Ministry Counseling Request Form. (Parents or legal guardians must request counseling for their children younger than 18 years old.) The information collected within the Counseling Request Form will be used by Life Support Counseling Ministry members to best understand and respond to your request for counseling. All information is handled confidentially.

• Upon receipt of your completed request form, a ministry team member will attempt to contact you typically within 48 hours to either schedule an appointment or, depending on our waitlist, inform you of how long your wait for counseling may be. We do our best to keep the waitlist short, but being a part-time, volunteer-based ministry means that we often have a waitlist. Your flexibility with scheduling may decrease your wait, as we cannot always assure people of nighttime or weekend appointments. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

• Once assigned a counselor, you will meet with your counselor for an initial assessment meeting. That initial meeting may result in additional sessions and/or referral suggestions for other services or service providers in the area.

• The ministry typically offers up to between 6 and 8 counseling sessions and will offer referral suggestions if additional counseling is needed.

• Clients are not charged a fee for the services they receive through the Life Support Counseling Ministry. The services provided by the Life Support Counseling Ministry are made possible through the tithes and offerings to Triad Baptist Church. Life Support Counseling Ministry (336) 996-7573 ext. 6 Note: If you have internet access, please complete our online Counseling Request Form rather than leaving a voicemail.

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